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Clean Your Vehicle

Clean Your Vehicle to Prepare for Winter

What Can A Quick Visual Inspection Of A Hoist Reveal?

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Hoist maintenance requires that frequent inspections of the hoist are done so that action can be taken to correct any defects noticed. It is advisable to conduct daily inspections of hoists to ensure safe operation of that equipment. This article discusses the pointers that one should pay attention to as they do a daily visual inspection of their hoists. Leakages A quick visual inspection of the hoist can reveal any leakages of grease or oil. This can be on the hoist itself or the area underneath the hoist. Leakages are indicators that a part...

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Prep Yourself Before Applying For A Motorcycle License

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Learning to ride a motorcycle is fun and economical. However, riding a bike bears even more responsibility due to the risk associated with the open design of motorbikes. Road regulations are also just as stringent for riders. As you prepare to apply for a motorcycle license, it’s important that you take some steps to ensure you’re ready for the challenge ahead. Learn how to ride a bicycle Riding a bike is the closest thing to riding a motorbike. The experience will teach you a great deal concerning balance, which is mandatory if...

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Could Your Car’s Body Panels Actually Save You Money?

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There’s nothing worse than emerging from the supermarket with a trolley full of groceries to find out that someone has reversed into the side of your car. The damage may not be too bad, but you’ve still got to schedule a visit to the panel beater’s shop and free up some of your budget to pay for this. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for a change, you could look at a body panel on your car as an asset, instead of a liability? This is what researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have in mind, as they foresee a car...

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5 Services that Tow Truck Companies Can Provide

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Tow truck companies provide a valuable service when your car conks out and needs to be taken to a garage shop or to your vehicle dealership. But many of these companies have now become full-service outfits that can provide you with a number of different services that you may not be aware of, so to help you out, here’s a quick rundown. Private Property Impounds—If you live in a neighbourhood in which a car is always parked on your private property, and you can’t get the driver of that car to remove his vehicle, a tow truck company...

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Luxury Car Maintenance Tips

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If you’ve spent the cash on an immaculate premium vehicle, it is important to keep it running efficiently for optimum performance. Here are some handy tips for keeping your luxury car well-maintained and driving like a dream. Keep The Tyres In Good Nick Ensure your ride stays smooth by keeping a close eye on your luxury vehicle’s tyres. Always use tyres that are designed specifically for your vehicle’s make and model. If your car is an import, you may need to source these tyres from a prestige auto service, so order your...

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